Shawls & Warm Stoles handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Shawl crochet 'Starry night' motif in the paintings of van Gogh.

Shawl crochet "Starry night" motif in the paintings of van Gogh

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  • Materials:  yarn
  • Size: 170 x 108 x 108 in wide angle part 70
"Starry night" was painted in 1889 and today is one of the most recognizable of van Gogh's paintings. Since 1941, the picture is in the new York Museum of modern art. Vypolneno in the technique friform (Fri form).
The original shawl. Handmade.
Van Gogh wanted to depict a starry night as an example of the power of imagination, which can create a more wonderful nature than that which we can perceive when looking at the real world.

Vincent wrote to his brother Theo : " I still need religion.Because I went out at night and began to draw stars".

Shawl crocheted in the technique friform.
Is the result of the author's improvisations on the theme of van Gogh, his art and the beautiful painting "Starry night"

Warm, Beautiful,unusual... in a single copy! Repeat at 100% is simply impossible!!!

This work is a collection of "Inspiration", which presented our work based on the paintings of our favorite artists.
all works from this collection can be found here:

The use of other artistic decisions, and can also be adapted to the size and special requests.(to be agreed individually!)

Model: Ira Cucina
Photographer: Maria Smagina
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