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pearl blue / grey / silver

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  • Materials:  pearl blue, blue pearl, moonstone, beads of bali, pearl, pearls natural, natural pearls, real pearls, gray pearl, gray pearl, silver pearl, silver pearl
  • Size: any
sold by the set. necklace multi-row necklace, beads. bracelet in three rows.
elegant decoration for all occasions. natural pearls. the decoration is perfect for festive and fancy clothes, and can be used as wearable at the office.
causes general sagging of the jaw. the skin is unmatched. pearls follow smoothly one after another without gaps.
blue pearl is the most expensive and exquisite kind of pearl. naturally cultured. and gorgeous.

Necklace length for internal thread - 42 cm.
bracelet length 19 cm.

This set is handmade jewelry and I can adjust the free length of the bracelet according to your size. Necklace length is free adjustable in the range of 3 cm. For all questions please contact me via private message or by phone (number is in profile).
on request
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