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Frankincense toner 50ml spray
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Frankincense for skin, Frankincense for the soul.

Incense - soft natural muscle relaxant: smoothes familiar "faces" faces - relaxing the muscles. Creases and bumps on the face are softened, the face looks calmer, smoother and even seem happier.

This portion of the incense I brought from Israel. Before used the incense from mount Athos (gave pounds! pure resin), but coming to the end of the stock. Now it will be Somali.

But it's the lyrics, and in fact in Indo-Tibetan medicine incense "regulars" not only in tablets (for joints and lungs), but also in ointments for the joints and skin. It is suitable for the treatment of many problems: eczema, hyperkeratosis, inflammation, swelling,
as well as stimulating regeneration and epithelialization.

In tonic, it promotes cellular renewal is obvious.
Suitable for any age, but for vozrasni combination skin essential.

I do tonic water distillation process resin, adding the right extracts to strengthen and oblegayuschie tonic properties.

Emotional impact is subtle, unobtrusive, natural flavor Boswellia develops a sense of peace and harmony.

How to keep: After washing/cleansing before applying the cream.

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on request
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Tonic "Somalian Incense" for Combi skin 50ml spray

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