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Soap from scratch natural Silk luxury silk handmade

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  • Materials:  avocado oil, citric acid, vegetable oil, lactic acid, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter, silk, essential composition, sodium hydroxide, lactate and citrate, ingredients for soap, lye for soap, silk soap
  • Size: weight bulk natural soap 100 gr.
soapy fun
Russia, Saratov Oblast, Novye Burasy
Love your body, care for it and be beautiful! Glad to see You!
Soap from scratch natural Silk bliss with silk, handmade – solid welded from 100% natural ingredients with a high percentage of silkworm cocoons for silk and more delicate foam and is a flavor of the East and the temptation.
Amino acids included in the composition of silk proteins, providing efficient moisturizing effect and make skin smooth and elastic, eliminate the feeling of tightness, smooth fine lines, creates an indescribable feeling of tenderness.
Wrap yourself in silk from head to toe - fun for the elite. Experience the care and luxury care will make you feel welcome, loved, and rejuvenated. Designed for those women who love luxury, silk and luxury care. After all, silk is quite expensive.
The composition of essential oils of patchouli, neroli and ylang has a sensual, tender, exciting fragrance. Aphrodisiac.
The soap from scratch, solid bulk: sodium hydroxide, 9 natural oils, a large percentage of the silk cocoons of the silkworm, citric acid and lactic acid, essential oils of patchouli, neroli, ylang-ylang.
How to order – put the selected class to the shopping cart and click buy now or send me a personal message. Payment and shipping – CMB the rules of the store.
If you want to make soap as a gift – write and I will offer several options for gift wrapping on 1-2-3-4 piece.
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How to keep
solid natural soap is different from store-bought counterpart. preferably store in a soap dish with drain
Novye Burasy
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Return and exchange terms
Exchange and return of soap, store-bought not made, so please carefully before buying read the description and the composition of the product. Remember, if you have an Allergy to honey,chocolate, and other components.
But if you do not like, write a PM and we will solve the issue and come to a mutual solution.
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