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Buds, flowers and leaves of red flowers. Author's lampwork.
Set necklace and earrings.
1 flower 4 Bud, 4 sheets.

Recruitment cost: 1400 R.

The cost of individual items:
flower - 400r.
Bud - 200R.
leaf - 50p.
You can order individual items.

Kits: www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=187613&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

Pendants: www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=187619&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

Bracelets: www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=187617&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

-- www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=187615&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

Lampwork beads: www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=17680&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

Else: www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=187621&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

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St. Petersburg
on request
on request
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Set of beads-lampwork "Red"

Glass & copper

Russia, St. Petersburg

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