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At first nothing but water, was not. Only a wide wide sea. The only inhabitants of it were the animals. They lived on water, under water or fly through the air.
Then fell from the sky woman.
Two loons flew past and managed to catch her on their wings. However, the burden was too heavy. Loons afraid that will drop the woman and she'll drown. Loudly they called for help. On call arrived and sailed all creatures.

The great Sea Turtle had said:

- Dip. on my back. Anywhere it with my broad back is not going anywhere.
The loons did.
The Council then animals began to think how to be further. The wise Turtle said that women need land.
All the animals in turn began to dive to the bottom of the sea, but no one has reached the bottom. Finally Toad dived. It was a long time before she came back and brought a handful of earth. The land she gave to the woman. The woman leveled her on the back of a Turtle. Thus arose the land.
Over time it grew on trees, flowed the river.
Began to live the children the first woman.
To this day, the earth rests on the back of a great Sea Turtle.
Indian legend about the creation of the world (the Huron tribe)

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the figure of the Great glass Sea Turtle

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