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a scarf a stole Hibiscus batik

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  • Materials:  silk crepe de Chine natural
  • Size: 1,90 x 0,45
've painted a lot of scarves with hibiscus. A unique case is another scarf, but in the category "ready work". And it's not an exact replay of the previous versions, and original performance.Your scarf will be in a single copy. And yet here appeared first on character - bee. Perhaps someone it will be close in spirit))

Gorgeous coral flowers Sudanese rose (hibiscus) to create both delicate and vivid image. A spectacular backdrop - the combination of natural shades of olive and brown with fantastic purple. Edges finished by hand beautiful hidden seam.
Painted by professional parseclassname dyes. They do not fade and do not fade over time, leaving the plastic fabric without film effect.
Scarf will come to you in a beautiful organza pouch.
How to keep
wash in cool water with a drop of shampoo for colored hair or with a special detergent for silk. Iron on the "silk";.
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