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The colors of the skin. Brooch hairpin CARMINIO . Natural suede

  • Item sample 
  • Production time: 
  • Materials:  natural suede, garnet, swarovski crystals, ostrich feathers, metal hardware
  • Size: 15-18cm
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Brooch (pin) made of natural Italian suede Burgundy will serve as an unusual and elegant decoration for Your hair style, clothes, belts, bags, shoes, will create a bright accent, and cheer up his owner. Original, stylish and yet, practical accessory.

Possible any color (red,white,yellow,orange,green,blue,pink,beige,blue,black,brown), size, mounting option (brooch, barrette, headband,jewelry barrette mechanical, crab,scallops, keychain, clips for shoes).

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A very neat relationship - keep away from high humidity , not to wear under outerwear!
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