The icon was exhibited at the regional winter exhibition 2011. in Yaroslavl.

Icon of the Theotokos "Joy of All who sorrow"

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 2 - 2.5 months
  • Materials:  tree, gesso, gold leaf, tempera, lacquer, icon, icons, hand painted icon, icon to buy, buy icon, icon tempera, icons handwritten
  • Size: 31/27cm.
Hand Painted Silk Scarves & Luxury Shawls Silk Painting
The icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All who sorrow" was glorified by miracles in 1688. The sister of Patriarch Joachim (1674-1690) Euphemia, who lived in Moscow for a long time suffered from an incurable disease. One morning, during prayer, she heard a voice: " Euphemia! Go to the Church of the Transfiguration of My Son; there is a way, referred to as " Joy of all who sorrow". Let the priest served a moleben with blessing of the waters, and get healed from disease." Euphemia, knowing that this icon really is in Moscow, in the Church of the Transfiguration on Ordynka, fulfilled the command of the blessed virgin Mary and was healed. It happened on 24 October, and from that time, according to Church tradition, the icon performed numerous miracles of healing.Before the icon The Mother of God "Joy of All who sorrow" pray in despair, grief, seek solace and protection, as well as with an incurable diseases.
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