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Snood scarf Snood cowl knitted Ecru in one turn

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: 5 days
  • Materials:  acrylic, the wool, wool with acrylic, wool blend yarn, knitting, a gift for the new year, a gift for any occasion, headdress, Snood, knitting to order, scarf snood, knitted Snood, snood scarf, snood women's, snood cowl, wool, lic to buy, wool, knitted scarf snood
  • Size: width - 50 cm
    The length of the circumference is 65 cm
UrbanStyleKnit (usknits)
Russia, Moscow and Moscow Oblast , Korolev
Snood scarf-Snood, Snood cowl "Ecru" knit in one turn is made of a wool blend yarn with wool and acrylic.
Knitted Snood "Ecru" soft, warm, with a slight sheen.
Snood free easily "jumped" on his head.

On order to connect different size, color.

In addition to snob can link to order a hat, mittens, mitts.
The cost of knitting to order is calculated individually.
A knitted Snood can be a good gift for New year or any other occasion.

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Knitting on the order of the performed prepayment.
How to keep
Hand wash or machine wash at 30 degrees.
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