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Cream solid oil for body skin Soft food and care

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  • Materials:  essential oils, vegetable oil, beeswax, solid oil - butter
  • Size: diameter 10-15 cm
    Weight 50g.
soapy fun
Russia, Saratov Oblast, Novye Burasy
Love your body, care for it and be beautiful! Glad to see You!
Your skin is tired? She asks Negi and care? Then bring her a lot of fun using this solid cream.
Massage tile or solid cream - delicious, all-natural solution for skin care. Contains only 100% natural ingredients, botanicals and essential oils and plant extracts.
Cocoa butter is rich in vitamin B, F, fatty acids and polyphenols, which promote moisture retention in the skin cells, prevent wrinkles, have a healing and tonic effect.
Shea butter (karite) perfectly softens and moisturizes, slows the aging process.
Beeswax has anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, and vitamin a that can slow the aging process, it has more than carrots;
It is recommended to use after bathing, showering, sauna or bath, after sun. For hot skin massage movements is applied to melting in the palm of tiles.
Protects sunburned skin after tanning, or after the open sunlight!
Ingredients: coconut oil, Shea, cocoa, coconut, mango, olive, almond oil, beeswax, essential oils.
In stock:
A Bazaar with essential oils of neroli, patchouli and ylang - ylang and the scent of the lure of the skin.
Hot chocolate with a large percentage of aromatic cocoa butter - smells like chocolate.
Creamy vanilla shake with cream and vanilla - it smells like creamy vanilla.
Fresh orange juice with essential citrus oils that provides anti-cellulite effect - the scent of citrus on the skin.
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How to keep
Store in the refrigerator
Novye Burasy
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Return and exchange terms
Exchange and return of soap, store-bought not made, so please carefully before buying read the description and the composition of the product. Remember, if you have an Allergy to honey,chocolate, and other components.
But if you do not like, write a PM and we will solve the issue and come to a mutual solution.
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