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Cream for dry, flaky skin.
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Cream for flaky dry skin.
Flaking and dryness - signs of excitement LUNG (Wind) and TRIPA (Bile), at the same time. So we need to soften and moisturize, and to remove the possible beginning of an inflammation (irritation).

Please note!
Dry skin is the skin thin, without pores, does not have oily sheen.

For that purpose, Frankincense water, Shea butter from Ghana, Helichrysum, Aloe, Althea, rose, bee beekeeping wax, hydrogenated lecithin and mix a nutritious cocktail for parched skin. Add natural moisturizing assets - chitin shell crab sorbitol, xylitol, natural moisturizing factor, the skin will be grateful.
Healthy skin does not need cream.

Cleanser they often contribute to the destruction of the stratum corneum. Maybe a milk cleanser Lichen approach instead of other means.

How to keep: In the fridge for 2 months in room conditions - 1 month.
When sending to other cities additional preserving.

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on request
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Cream for flaky dry skin LungTripa

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