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Jewelry Sets handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Set 'Sakura' lampwork.Author's lampwork, flowers, flowers of glass
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Necklace and earrings. Tender kit in transparent pink. All metal fittings are rhodium plated.
Rhodium is the most bright and lustrous platinum group metal. The costs are much higher than the cost of gold. Rhodium coating is used in order to give the product a beautiful color of platinum and to protect from wear.

Kits: www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=187613&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

Pendants: www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=187619&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

Bracelets: www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=187617&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

-- www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=187615&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

Lampwork beads: www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=17680&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

Else: www.livemaster.ru/samokhina?cid=187621&clb=1&sort=&sorder=

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Set "Sakura" lampwork

Glass & copper

Russia, St. Petersburg

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