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from may to august, when the australian autumn ends and winter comes, tourists come from around the world to the east of the "green continent", to admire a spectacular sight — the courtship of mirohost . not timid, accustomed to the neighborhood with a man led lyrebird do not refuse to speak in public, not shy of the camera flashes and ecstatic cheers of the spectators.

theatre mirohost begins with the construction scaffolding. strong legs lyrebird clearing the outdoor area of the forest and satisfied with the "scene" on the pile of collected leaves.

climbed on it, nondescript gray lyrebird is transfigured, spreading a gorgeous tail length is 60 cm. the open tail of the bird reminds the ancient lyre: two broad, curved side of the pen tail is the "horns" of the lyre, and a central openwork fluffed feathers — strings. shaking its splendor, lyrebird starts singing.
song of the lyrebird is artfully "woven" into the main melody of a medley of different sounds that are ever heard a bird. unrivalled simulator sounds lyrebird imitates birds and accurately reproducing and coarse laughing kookaburras, and the most difficult trills of songbirds, repeats and other favourite sounds.

living near human habitation led lyrebird include a "show" car horns, the battle of the town clock, dog barking, horse neighing, the hum of an airplane flying and much more. these sounds are so well combined in the lyrebird song, listening to it is really very nice.
Hanging figures made of coloured glass forming part of the decoration of the interiors of apartments and other premises, can be placed (hung) on chandeliers, sconces and other lighting solutions. Work organic on the cornices, window frames, ceiling beams and potted plants. Fits perfectly in the space, winter gardens and terraces. And of course as Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree!)
Hanging figures can be placed not only indoors. Sculpted colored glass is resistant to weather extremes and other aggressive environments, outdoor spaces.
The suspension is behind the glass loop in the hanging figures between the wings. The suspension is made either using nylon fishing line (fishing), or through a variety of decorative hangers

How to keep: recommendations for nursing: for washing by hand is recommended to put on the bottom of the sink with a rubber mat, a thick kitchen towel or cloth to the product is not broken. always use warm soapy water and a soft detergent (as well as a soft sponge or brush). a pinch of salt will give the glass a flawless shine. to remove spots, just break the raw rice in warm water in advance of adding lemon juice or vinegar, and then use this mixture for washing products. this method is especially effective for removing hard-to-reach spots. to remove small stains, try using a rag soaked in vinegar. after the work done do not forget to gently hand wipe (dab) the product with a lint-free cloth (immediately after washing to prevent stains).
Contraindications of harsh, gusty winds and small bullies with sticks. In the presence of domestic and wild animals high jumping, hanging figurines, it is recommended to hang.

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Interior hanging decoration stained glass bird Mirahost Cua


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