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Triphala Guggul soap

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  • Materials:  castor oil, triphala, rice powder, med, resin guggul, GI
  • Size: 100 g
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Soap is brewed from scratch, from natural oils,Triphala and guggul resin, without any fragrances, dyes, solvents, etc. substances.

This soap is for skin care face and body with foam the color of English tea - carefully and gently cleanses the skin, smoothing the complexion and removing skin blemishes.

Triphala - a powder of "three fruits", widely known myrobalans. Triphala is used in indotibetan medicine in many compositions, including the treatment of skin diseases. It is applied topically due to its astringent, tonic and anti-aging properties. It is used when it is necessary to align the complexion, to give a healthy glow to the skin, it washed skin and eye inflammation and allergic manifestations.

Guggul is a resin of one of the myrrh trees, widely used in Indo-Tibetan medicine (internally and externally).

To wash the eyes of course this soap is not worth it (although previously so treated), but as a bath soap for skin care of the face - very much!
How to keep
Whip the foam, applied to the skin of the face or body, massage for 1 minutes (for oily skin can be left on for 3-5 min), rinse with water or damp sponge.
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