silk flowers decoration brooch decoration hairpin decoration flower flower emerald green flower cloth flowers brooch fabric flowers hair pin

silk flowers. Brooch hairpin MAC EMERALD .Silk crepe de Chine

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 4-7 days
  • Materials:  silk crepe de chine, organza, beads, metal hardware
  • Size: 15-18cm
Дождались! Книга Роза уже в пути!!!!!!!!!! Блог.
magic color with the same magical name - "emerald...
The emerald color is virtually a win-win situation, clothing or decoration different shades of emerald green always look bright and elegant at the same time.
so do not deny yourself the pleasure to buy a poppy this beautiful color. especially that jewelry emerald hue is very easy to combine with other trendy bright colors of the season! namely black, pink, yellow, white, orange, blue, beige.
i would like to mention how elegant it looks with this color in the performance of strict wardrobe. the elegance and zest at the same time.
don't be afraid of funky colors. try it and you will love it!

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How to keep
a very neat relationship - keep away from high humidity, not to wear under outerwear!
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