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Fish Beauty ceramic amber panels for interior marine decor kids

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  • Materials:  amber natural, processed amber, ceramics, souvenir, clay, natural stones, natural materials, souvenir ceramics, amber, souvenir fish, buy fish, buy a gift, buy ceramics, fish ceramics, Yantar Kaliningrad, ceramic handmade
  • Size: высота12 cmdline 15 cm
Amber jewelry necklace gifts Souvenir with amber
Fish ceramic with a warm Sunny stone of amber, painted with acrylic paints
the interior of the home, seaside decor in the nursery.
A great gift gift for family and friends.
For lovers of fish, the interior in Maritime style.
Roasting 900t

Amber is a stone of happiness and joy, the warmth of the sun, longevity and prosperity, of the most common stones charms which is able to bring a powerful boost of energy in your home to bring profit and wealth. Protects the house from lightning and fire.

Possible fish wholesale, is discussed in the text
How to keep
That applies to the location of the fish, it is best to place this amulet in the Southeast in the area of wealth. Besides the fact that fish being in your home, are invisible hook, which clings to luck, they also scare away misfortune. In the East is very popular pendant of two fish, often dressing her children to save them from troubles and problems.

In addition to South East water's mascot suit, and North side (career zone), since water, being the element of the North, will contribute to success in career and professional growth. should make sure that amber was enough sunlight and to light it you will enjoy.
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