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Solid shampoo, handmade. Campaniae natural soap from scratch. For those who appreciate natural cosmetics and care for their hair.
If You have dry, weak, thin hair - this solid shampoo for You.
It has long been our grandmothers washed his head with soap. It differs in its composition from ordinary natural soap. The composition of oils is specifically chosen so that its foam is well washed and does not weigh down hair. Soap campaniae is brewed with decoction caring herbs - chamomile, calendula, sage, calamus, nettle, hop cones, burdock root, i.e. those herbs that condition and improve the hair structure.
Campaniae natural soap designed for thin, weak and dry hair. It thoroughly cleanses the scalp, strengthens the hair, increases volume of thin hair, gives the hair density, elasticity and fluffiness.
Ash contains a range of vitamins and minerals that are essential to Your hair.
Ginger extract prevents aging of the scalp, thickens hair, makes them healthy and strong, allows easier styling of hair.
After applying the soap camponovo natural recommended to use a conditioner or rinse your hair decoction of herbs..

The soap camponovo natural solid shampoo:sodium salt of 9 vegetable oils, decoctions of herbs, henna, the juice of mountain ash and ginger, ceramide cashmere.
Application camponovo soap: nourish your hair with water, lather with soap, rinse thoroughly. For coloured and dry hair, as well as with hard water it is advisable to use a conditioner or rinse - acidulated water, the decoction of herbs.

Tip: in some cases, the hair some time to "get used" to campaniano soap, so we recommend to be patient and not to make any final conclusions after the first application camponovo soap. While washing may be feeling of "stickiness" of the hair, don't worry, it will disappear after drying the hair. After drying, the hair is not accustomed to flying and fluffy, and heavy. thick, like "hat hair".

Use to care for hair masks and conditioners and Your hair will become strong, well-groomed, beautiful and healthy!
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How to keep: The shelf life of the shampoo handmade 1 year Store the shampoo in a dry place. The perfect soap dish with drain

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Return and exchange terms

Exchange and return of soap, store-bought not made, so please carefully before buying read the description and the composition of the product. Remember, if you have an Allergy to honey,chocolate, and other components.
But if you do not like, write a PM and we will solve the issue and come to a mutual solution.

Campaniae natural soap with ginger juice and ash solid Shampoo

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