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Campaniae natural soap with nettle green Solid shampoo

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  • Materials:  vegetable oil, lactic acid, castor oil, shea butter, nettle juice, corn oil, citrate, lactate, sodium hydroxide, ceramide cashmere, packaging for soap, ingredients for shampoo, vitamins for shampoo, decoctions of herbs for shampo, citrate for shampoo, lye for shampoo, essential oils
  • Size: Shampoo square shape, it is comfortable to hold in hand. Weight shampoo 100g
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Russia, Saratov Oblast, Novye Burasy
Love your body, care for it and be beautiful! Glad to see You!
Campaniae natural soap with nettle solid shampoo - no parabens, sulfates, preservatives, foam stabilizers, can adversely affect the scalp.
Campaniae soap with natural composition and nettle juice is brewed from natural vegetable oils, the composition of which is chosen so that the foam is well washed and does not weigh down the hair, with the addition of decoctions of herbs and flowers, and other ingredients, caring for hair and scalp.
Nettle juice helps to purify the scalp and strengthen the hair, giving them volume and resilience.
Shampoo from natural ingredients contains vitamins and biologically active substances that prevent hair loss and reduce dandruff. No wonder since ancient times, decoctions of nettle, burdock root and hops were used to strengthen the hair and tone the scalp.
Try a natural shampoo without parabens and you will see how much better looking your hair.
How to apply soap campaniae: well to wet hair, lather, rinse thoroughly. For coloured and dry hair, preferably using the air conditioner.
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The composition of natural camponovo soap: sodium salt of 9 vegetable oils, a decoction of 9 herbs - chamomile, calendula, hops, calamus, burdock root, sage, yarrow, nettle juice, citric acid and lactic acid, ceramide cashmere, essential composition of sage, rosemary, thyme, lavender.
Use to care for hair masks and conditioners and Your hair will become strong, well-groomed, beautiful and healthy!
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If you want to make soap as a gift – write and I will offer several options for gift wrapping on 1-2-3-4 piece.
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How to keep
The shelf life of the shampoo handmade 1 year Perfect soap dish with drain
Novye Burasy
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Exchange and return of soap, store-bought not made, so please carefully before buying read the description and the composition of the product. Remember, if you have an Allergy to honey,chocolate, and other components.
But if you do not like, write a PM and we will solve the issue and come to a mutual solution.
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