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Interior hanging decoration stained glass bird Dove Elske

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  • Materials:  glass, colored glass
  • Size: 11х11 cm
Hanging figures made of coloured glass forming part of the decoration of the interiors of apartments and other premises, can be placed (hung) on chandeliers, sconces and other lighting solutions. Work organic on the cornices, window frames, ceiling beams and potted plants. Fits perfectly in the space, winter gardens and terraces. And of course as Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree!)
Hanging figures can be placed not only indoors. Sculpted colored glass is resistant to weather extremes and other aggressive environments, outdoor spaces.
The suspension is behind the glass loop in the hanging figures between the wings. The suspension is made either using nylon fishing line (fishing), or through a variety of decorative hangers

Peace, purity, love, serenity, hope. The Christian emblem of the Holy spirit. The widespread worship of the dove as a symbol of the world is, apparently, not from his nature (rather snooty than peaceful), and from its external beauty, and thanks to the mention of it in the Bible. A small white bird that brought to Noah during the Flood, the olive branch, was an impressive image of God, changed the temper justice with mercy. Here, as in other myths, the pigeon acts as a messenger. On the Christian idea of
dove also contributed to the Noi, which produces from the ark the dove . Tradition the symbolism of the snow-white bird as the incarnation of God's spirit. John the Baptist uttered against Christ at baptism: " I saw the spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and It abode upon him" (John 1:32; Matthew 3:16). So the dove became a symbol of baptism, and the incarnation of the Holy spirit, especially in scenes of the Annunciation. In a broader sense, the dove represents the pure soul, he is often depicted flying from a mouth of the Holy martyrs. The doves can also represent the soul in ancient iconography and in Indian mythology. The dove often appears as a Christian emblem of chastity, in spite of the more ancient and obvious Association with lust. He was a companion of the Semitic goddess of love Astarte, whose image was then merged with the Greek Aphrodite (in Roman mythology, Venus) and Adonis, Dionysus (Bacchus) and Eros (Cupid). Pigeon cooing associated with sex and birth of children. In Pompeii were found the images of winged phalluses with pigeons. A couple of pigeons for many years is a symbolic image of sexual harmony, maybe that's why the dove became the personification of the attentive and gentle wife. In China the dove is one of the many SIM-oxen longevity, and in Japan, where the dove with a sword is also the emblem of the world. Terminology of international politics, including "doves" and "hawks", though modern, is based on ancient analogies.
How to keep
Recommendations for care: For washing by hand is recommended to put on the bottom of the sink with a rubber Mat, a thick kitchen towel or cloth to the product are not broken. Always use warm soapy water and a soft detergent (as well as a soft sponge or brush). A pinch of salt will make the glass spotless Shine. To remove spots, just break the raw rice in warm water in advance of adding lemon juice or vinegar, and then use this mixture for washing products. This method is especially effective for removing hard-to-reach spots. To remove small stains, try using a rag soaked in vinegar. After the work done do not forget to gently hand wipe (DAB) the product with a lint-free cloth (immediately after washing to prevent stains).
Contraindications of harsh, gusty winds and small bullies with sticks. In the presence of domestic and wild animals high jumping, hanging figurines, it is recommended to hang.
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