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Silk flowers. Brooch hairpin TERRY ROSE.Indian silk dupion

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 4-7 days
  • Materials:  indian silk dupion, metal hardware
  • Size: 10-15cm
Дождались! Книга Роза уже в пути!!!!!!!!!! Блог.
In many cultures the rose is a favorite sacred plant from its flowers and wove garlands for brides, poets, heroes, and rulers. The ancient Greeks and Romans considered it a symbol of morality and dedicated to the goddess of love and beauty.
Sprig of rose red will make Your outfit a completely different and memorable.

Possible any color - red, white, black, brown, pink, blue, green,lilac, purple,blue,yellow, orange; size, mounting option (brooch, hair pin, hair band,brooch for shoes, keychain, bag,jewelry,ring)

Silk Dupion has a certificate Silk Mark Organisation of India, which confirms its highest quality.

Work added to collection:
Blossomed prickly rose
"Autumn queer. "
Tenderness autumn wedding
How to keep
A very neat relationship - keep away from high humidity , not to wear under outerwear!
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