mural "the four seasons"

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  • Materials:  natural silk, len, natural linen, floss Madeira (madeira)
  • Size: 87 cm x 35 cm
Soon a new jewelry collection.
i love japan for its uncluttered beauty and elegance, which is evident throughout. i love japanese minimalism and symbolism, has become a national feature. these features i have tried to embody in his panels.

my panels, as its name implies, consists of 4 parts: spring (haru), summer (natsu), autumn(aki), and winter(fuyu). each season shows a symbol of a pattern of sashiko kamon and with a plant - seasonal symbol:
spring pattern sidari tsunagi ("plover"), kamon sakura.
summer - pattern saiga ("blue wave"), kamon kike (bell).
autumn pattern novaky ("gust of wind" or "the sharp autumn wind"), kamon momiji (maple).
winter - kagome pattern ("bamboo mat"), kamon with ginkgo tree.

the seasons are separated by a pattern of sashiko, symbolizing the fog.

at the request of the customer can be part of a panel interior cushions. the cost of the cushions in the cost of panels not included.
How to keep
allowed hand wash non-aggressive detergents. care instructions attached.
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