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Soap fun soap is paraben-free, sulfate-free soap, where to buy the natural soap in Moscow, natural cosmetics soap, soap for teenage skin
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Natural soap from scratch-soap salt with sea salt. 100% natural product. Natural salt soap from scratch made out of natural oils by cold way, in a timely manner, ready to use.
Salt natural soap has unique therapeutic properties since thousands of centuries, nature has provided sea salt perfectly balanced complex of biologically active macro - and microelements.
This natural soap from scratch a solid, perfectly smooth, like polished stone, as if to wash one large crystal salt. Salt natural soap lathers slightly worse, but the foam is more creamy, soft, rich, very similar to cream.
Salt natural soap from scratch is used for tonic, health and beauty treatments to.
normalizes blood flow in the skin and metabolism, gives elasticity and velvety skin, acts as a scrub, stimulates cell renewal of the skin, strengthening and nourishing them, promotes the breakdown of fat deposits and cellulite.
not recommended for use in the presence of abrasions, scratches, and any skin irritation.
Rosemary oil has excellent disinfectant properties, helps in dealing with increased oiliness of the skin, smoothes wrinkles, improves blood circulation in the skin, helps with cellulite problems.
The composition of natural soap from scratch: the sodium salt of 5 vegetable oils, citrate and lactate, silk, essential oil of rosemary.
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How to keep: For oily, aging, irritated skin.

Novye Burasy
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Return and exchange terms

Exchange and return of soap, store-bought not made, so please carefully before buying read the description and the composition of the product. Remember, if you have an Allergy to honey,chocolate, and other components.
But if you do not like, write a PM and we will solve the issue and come to a mutual solution.

Soap scrub natural Salt, Rosemary, Soap for men from scratch

soapy fun

Russia, Saratov Oblast, Novye Burasy

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