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Natural soap Love Gift girl woman

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  • Materials:  vegetable oil, silk, hydroxide sodium, citrate and lactate, the ether composition
  • Size: 100 g
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Russia, Saratov Oblast, Novye Burasy
Love your body, care for it and be beautiful! Glad to see You!
Natural soap from scratch, handmade soap from 100% natural oils with no preservatives and flavorings.
Love soap is a unique blend of natural oils with charming magic magical sacraments, its aroma inspires and brings a whole palette of vivid emotions, awakening and refreshing your romantic feelings.
This is not just a natural soap, it is brewed only 1 day per month on the special day of the growing moon and a lit candle and complete silence, allow you to focus on the magic words that attract love.
The natural soap includes a whole bunch of essential oils-aphrodisiacs that help people to relax, relieve stress and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of love, romance and happiness.
Every person, regardless of age and sex, social status and religion, it is vital to love and be loved. This feeling is not measured by money, but you have the opportunity to purchase natural soap from scratch that can enhance and extend such unique emotions, to plunge into the world of magic and sensuality.
Taking a shower or bath with this natural, handmade soap, you will feel dramatically different with ordinary soap. Its lush and fragrant foam that caresses your skin, giving it a feeling of freshness and tenderness, there is no need of words, everything is perceived at the level of feelings. The essential oil of ginger will help you relax and feel your own attractiveness, geranium promotes cell regeneration, cinnamon – energizes dormant feelings and emotions, and herbs - mistletoe(represents female), verbena(attracts love), nutmeg(convergence), root levzei(male power), will contribute to the convergence of masculine power and the feminine, and rekindled love.
Soap love having magic power is a great gift to yourself and your significant other, your feelings and emotions existed not only in words, but felt at a tactile level.

The composition of natural soap: purified water, sodium salt of 9 vegetable oils, lactate, citrate, stearate, silk, UM patchouli, geranium, ginger, cinnamon, Jasmine, herbal teas.
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