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Stationery Autumn rose, from scratch,red green

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  • Materials:  rosehip oil, vegetable oil, silk, rose oil, sodium hydroxide, lactate and citrate
  • Size: Weight 100g
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Russia, Saratov Oblast, Novye Burasy
Love your body, care for it and be beautiful! Glad to see You!
Natural soap from scratch, handmade. Natural soap "Autumn rose," brewed from natural ingredients with a high percentage of rosehip oil and red clay hot. Natural soap ready-to-drink requires no aging.

Rosehip oil contains many vitamins and minerals - antioxidants that slow the aging process of the skin, enhance the protective barrier of the skin and are highly effective building material for cells, were essential for maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Cosmetic rosehip oil, light in texture, remarkably suited to care for tired and flabby skin and the skin around the eyes and for dry, flaky, and sensitive skin. Red clay is used as a therapeutic and cosmetic. Great for sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions. Reduces inflammation and rashes, reduces and deeply cleanses pores.
Natural soap "Autumn rose," has a delicate foam, which nurtures, nourishes and cares for your skin. It is recommended to care for tired, dull, dry and sensitive skin.

The soap natural "Autumn rose": a decoction of rose hips,rosehip oil, sodium salt 9 vegetable natural oils, citrate and lactate, geranium essential oil, rose oil, red clay, silk.
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How to keep
Suitable for all skin types. Gently cleans, cares, nourishes your skin.
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