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mittens "By magic"

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  • Materials:  100% wool
  • Size: on woman's hand
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Of leather and yarn
Russia, Moscow and Moscow Oblast , Korolev
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Mitten designer.
"By magic, in my volition..."
Mittens undertake any basic color (black, Burgundy, white, grey, beige...). And these in turn are selected brooches-flowers, which are very suitable accessories to Your outerwear. Pink flowers with a pink scarf or hat with blue flowers to a blue scarf or hat. Thus, buying only 1 mittens to them 2-3 sets brooches-flowers, once You get 2-3 pairs of mittens.
And brooches, in turn, can be used separately as addition and decoration to any other clothes (cardigans, scarves, wraps, berets, caps, etc.).
And can decorate only 1 out of mittens. or decorate a pair of mittens of different flowers.
In-T-A-K-O-Th P-R-O-s-T-O-R for creativity.
Mittens 1 pair of brooches-flowers are 1200 rubles.
1 pair of brooches-flowers costs 300 rubles. When purchasing wholesale discounts.
The perfect gift for the New year. Since mittens do not happen. To know yourself.
How to keep
careful handling and wash in warm water with balsam "Weasel" for washing woolen goods
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