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campaniae soap "epona"

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 14 days
  • Materials:  walnut oil, oily and combination walnut, henna, silk fibers, coconut oil, a decoction of walnut, oil, oil of burdock
  • Size: 100 g
Russia, Saint Petersburg and the Oblast, Peterhof
suitable for dark, damaged hair, hair split ends, hair loss.
composition: walnut oil, cocoa, coconut, castor, corn, sunflower, shea (karite). enriched with oils of burdock, hemp. welded on hydrolate rosemary decoction of walnut leaf, henna iranian. with the addition of eri silk, essential oils of sage, cedar, pine, lavender.
epona — celtic goddess. the daughter of a mare and man, she could be in the guise of women, and horses. it has been known since the iron age as a patroness of horses, protecting their owners. her name comes from the covering gaelic word "epos" which means "horse", but can also be translated as "mare magic" or "goddess-mare. she appears in many legends: despite the fact that the virgin on the white horse goes very slowly, the fastest horses cannot catch her without her will.
How to keep
natural soap does not like moisture, so store it i recommend a soap dish with a grate to drain the water to between applications the soap had time to dry. This greatly prolong its use, as well a dried up piece of soap is more economical spent.
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