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Author's doll "Tamara"

  • Item sample 
  • Materials:  wool, Swarovski crystals (swarovski), onyx, crystals, basis
  • Size: 45cm

In the deep gorge of Daryal,
Where digging Terek in a haze,
An ancient tower stood there,
Cernei is helped by the black rock.
In the tower high and close
Queen Tamara lived in:
Beautiful as an angel from heaven,
Like a demon, insidious and evil.
And there through the mist midnight
The light shone Golden,
He rushed traveler in the eyes,
He beckoned to the rest of the night.
And he could hear the voice of Tamar:
It was all desire and passion,
It was all-powerful charms,
Was incomprehensible power.
The voice of the invisible peri
Was the warrior, the merchant and the shepherd:
Before him amoralia doors,
Met him grim the eunuch.
On the soft feather bed,
In brocade and pearls removed,
She was waiting for a guest... Sizzled
Before her, two cups of wine.
Entwined hot hands,
Mouth clung to mouth,
And strange wild sounds
All night razdavaisya there.
As if the tower is empty
A hundred young men and ardent wives
Converged on the wedding night,
The large funeral feast.
But that morning the radiance of the
Threw its beam on mountains,
Immediately and the darkness and silence
Again vocorality there.
Only the Terek river in the gorge of Daryal,
Thundering that broke the silence;
Wave on wave rolled in,
A wave of applause wave;
And crying, mute body
They hastened to carry out;
In the window then something was white,
Sounded out: I'm sorry.
It was so tenderly goodbye,
So sweet the voice was,
It's like the rapture date
And affection of love promised.

M. Yu Lermontov

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