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Nourishing cream for aging skin "Time"
(to nourish and care for Mature skin of face and neck – prevention and smoothing of wrinkles)
After 30 years of age.

Small changes in the recipe from 23.07.15. Added marine collagen and extract of goldenrod (song) - for a more effective fight against age-related changes.

- BOTOX-LIKE - a patented complex to help smooth facial wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles. Safe and non-toxic alternative to Botox injections. Developed on the basis of obtained from sea water, salts of magnesium, polysaccharides and algae extract and chicory root. The effectiveness of the complex, tests have shown. Has a long moisturizing effect.
Is an alternative to surgical treatment of wrinkles and facial folds.

- The composition of essential oils rejuvenates, revitalizes, refreshes, tones the skin, eliminates sagging and blurring of the contours of the face and body. Reduces the lability of the skin to external factors.
Eliminates Perissinotto, roughness and inflammation of the skin, restoring its original elasticity.

- Oily and combination frankincense gum is an effective tool to fight wrinkles. It is recommended in the treatment of rosacea.

- A complex of phytosterols to stimulate the production of type I collagen;
to enhance the strength of the "skeleton" of the skin;
to reduce the destructive effects of sun suppression, and, consequently, against pigment spots;
prevents the destruction of the fibers and proteoglycans in the dermis, stimulate cell division;
evens out skin tone and skin's surface;
immunostimulatory effects;
indicated for skin with acne and post – acne.

- Evening primrose oil (evening primrose) effectively moisturizes and softens the skin;
- has strong antioxidant properties;
- smoothes wrinkles;
- restores damaged, dry, flaky skin;
- various relieves redness and irritation;
- used to combat liver spots;
- prevents skin aging.
Active ingredients:
evening primrose oil (evening primrose) BIO,

avocado oil neraf. (organic),
complex of phytosterols, Squalane;
SC CO2 extract, rosemary extract,
SC CO2 extract of raspberry;
SC-CO2 extract of sage;
Extract of goldenrod (song);
Marine collagen;
Marine elastin;

vitamin E (concentrate); oily and combination frankincense gum;
EM sandalwood, patchouli, geranium.

How to keep: Store in the refrigerator. Shelf life - 6 months.

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Nourishing cream for face "Time"

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