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sweater "Magnificent" ed. work

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: 5 days ( subject to availability of materials in order of arrival)
  • Materials:  the wool
  • Size: bind according to Your size
Kseniya Maximova
Russia, Kemerovo Oblast, Novokuznetsk
Sweater is hand-knitted from soft, chunky wool mixture spokes. Warm and soft. Pleasant to the body of the baby.

Fits both girls and boys.

This model You can order:
50-56 price 1000
56-62 price 1200r
62-68 price 1400R
68-74 price 1600r
74-80 price 1900R
80-86 price 2200r
86 - 92 price 2600р
92-98 price 3000r
98-110 price 3500r
110-120 price 4000R
120-130 price 4600р
130-140 price 5200р
140-150 price 5900р
150-160 price 6600р

The author's work! All made and designed by me.
Copying models without indication of the author is prohibited!

Copying and use of photos is forbidden!

All items from my shop come to You washed in baby powder, so You can feel free to wear new clothes on the kid)))
How to keep
machine washable at 30 degrees, spin speed 800 do not iron!
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