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Hydrophilic tile "Amrit"

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 7 days
  • Materials:  essential oils, base oil, shea butter (karite)
  • Size: 40 grams - 150 R
    100 grams - 300 R
Russia, Saint Petersburg and the Oblast, Peterhof
hydrophilic tile shower

method of application: upon contact with water, the oil becomes milk. Does not foam. surfactant free suitable for delicate, prone to dry skin. the skin becomes soft and moist. greasy feeling not.
ingredients: cocoa butter, palm kernel oil, shea butter (shea butter) extract, sea buckthorn oil, olive oil, beeswax unclarified, the emulsifier, the author's composition of essential oils.
the weight of the tiles 40 or 100 grams. not enough for one application. the aroma of essential oils after a shower is very long lasting on the skin.
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