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decorative figurine made of colored glass Panda, Sanmao

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  • Materials:  glass, colored glass
  • Size: 6х6 cm
It was in the old days. Chinese family of shepherds settled on the hillside. And near the forest lived Panda. Every morning people would let the sheep graze near a bamboo forest, and then to play with the sheep came the Panda - white as snow. But one day the herd was attacked by a huge leopard. Sheep fled, and the little cat that could not run fast, was on the verge of death. Fortunately, the girl-cowgirl didn't become puzzled and rushed to drive away the predator with a stick. The leopard retreated. A brave girl soon died from his wounds. When Panda found out that she gave her life for their baby, they began to weep and strew ashes on themselves. Crying, they rubbed his eyes and closed their ears so as not to hear the desperate sobs. Consoling each other, the animals hold paws and sobbed. Their grief was so great, and paws are black from the ashes that their skin is nearly all blackened. Since pandas are mourning for the brave shepherdess
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