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The two-phase agent for removing makeup "Glow"

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: 1-2 days
  • Materials:  olive oil, camellia oil, sesame oil, vitamin E, cornflower wild raspberries, cucumber extract, oil of rosewood
  • Size: 100 ml - 440 rubles;
    150 ml - 650 RUB;
    200 ml - 850 rubles;
    250 ml - 1050 rubles.
Tool for removing makeup two-phase "the Shining" is a combination of one vial of 2 phases- water and oil. Before use it is necessary to intensively shake to mix the phases. Then apply a little CP-VA on a cotton pad and wipe the eyes, face and neck. Your skin will be cleansed, moisturized (due to the aqueous phase and the active components) and get food (due to the oils and active ingredients) - in a word, spotless!

Active composition (adjusted depending on skin type) olive oil neraf. extra virgin (Spain), Camellia (organic), sesame, vitamin E, wild raspberries, lavender, cornflower, cucumber extract, purified water, uh rosewood.
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