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Necklace amethyst

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  • Materials:  amethysts, silver, amethyst, amethyst natural
Necklace with amethyst. Natural stones size from 0.5 cm to 3 x 1.5 cm All metal parts are silver. The length of the necklace 60 cm under a plunging neckline or over clothing.
Amethyst is a powerful amulet from drug and alcohol addiction. According to legend, the young nymph was charmed by its beauty of Bacchus, God of wine, and he became to win her love. Tired of his harassment, the nymph asked Artemis for protection. The goddess turned her into a block of white stone. Finding his beloved turned into a statue, Bacchus tried to revive the beautiful, pouring stone grape juice. Although the nymph Ametis is not alive, her statue of white stone suddenly became purplish violet, glistening in the sun bright sparks. So there was a stone amethyst.
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