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Developmental Toy "Hedgehog on the Meadow"

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  • Materials:  wool mixture yarn, cotton yarn, sintepuh, yarn travka, beads, buttons, velcro
  • Size: meadow is 28 cm, beanbag-mushroon is 6 cm, mushroom is 4-5 cm, hedgehog is 17 by 9 cm, basket is 4,5 by 8 cm, flower is 5 cm
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Developmental toy for your child.

Development of:
1. fine motor skills
2. spatial thinking
3. buttoning skills
4. skills of counting to 10
5. inderstanding of size (big and small)

This kit includes:
1. Hedgehog
2. 9 small mushrooms (velcro and buttons)
3. 1 big mushroom (with beads - a beanbag)
4. A basket
5. 5 flowers-clasp

Storage pouch (the color may be different)

Buttons may not match in size and colors
How to keep
delicate wash
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