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Jacket knitted "Cozy"

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 10 - 14 days
  • Materials:  thread wool
  • Size: 44
Size guide
Lisonok (Lisonok)
Russia, Moscow and Moscow Oblast , Chekhov
I sell ready works. I take orders for the end of December. Seasonal discounts.
Long cosy cardigan hand knitted. made of pure sheep wool.

Description style:
- Longline fitted silhouette (max. length 70cm), is knitted ornament;
the sleeves are long, tapered (on the arm), made of a viscous "elastic";
clasp - buttons;
- high collar - front (linked to the "elastic"), is also fastened on the buttons.

Possible treatment options of the neck without affecting the price!!!

Possible different color solutions.
How to keep
Hand wash in cool water
  • Postal service
  • Local pickup / Meeting
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Electronic payment systems
Return and exchange terms
Products exhibited in the store as a "Finished work" exchange and are non-refundable and will not be repeated.

When putting the finished work I always give a more detailed description of the design, to give detailed figures of the size characteristics and try to tell us about the quality of the used yarn.
Please do not be lazy to read it and compare to Your needs before making a purchase.

Making things to order contemplates various options for modifications, custom fit, etc. will be agreed through personal contact. These changes are possible prior to the final transaction of sale plus 3 days from the date of sale
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