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Dress "Frosty patterns"

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: 60 days
  • Materials:  cotton thread
  • Size: 38-46
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Lyudmila.Lace Bobbin(clothing)
Russia, Samara Oblast , Tolyatti
Lace handmade with bobbins, sew clothes. Write me a message.
gossip bobbin technique "Vologda lace." Leaf product is equipped with a lacing for easy adjustment of the figure.
Not much kleshenoe from the chest, falls in soft folds on the figure, creating an extremely chiseled silhouette, regardless of the size of the owner of this masterpiece! If desired, the skirt can be made narrower. (Photo attached below)
sold without a case. Style is suitable for any size.
How to keep
Hand wash delicate
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on request
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