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Cream for oily skin "Clean skin"

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: 1-2 days.
  • Materials:  calendula extract, rosemary extract, grape seed oil, vitamin E, essential oil of tea tree, 100% natural, black currant oil
  • Size: 25 g - 920 rubles;
    50 g - 1600 RUB.
Cream for oily skin "Clean skin" is made specifically for sensitive skin with rashes of various kinds.

Changes in the recipe 22.07.15

Welded on the other emulsifier - now faster absorbed and the skin is soft, velvety after it. Plus added moisture and oil, black currant oil, as skin with acne really needs to be linolenic acid. And added a wonderful extract of monarda and extract of canadian willowherb for oily skin - just a song!

The cream is white. In the photo the cream with the other extracts.

Active ingredients: hazelnut oil, grape seed oil, black currant oil neraf.;, vitamin E (concentrate), SC CO2 calendula extract, SC CO2 extract, rosemary extract, SC CO2 extract, monarda, willowherb, a moisturizing complex; UM Bulgarian lavender, tea tree, litsea-cubeba.
How to keep
Store in the refrigerator. Shelf life - 6 months.
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