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Brooches handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Brooch 'Spider'.Brooch, handmade jewelry, felting on the frame, black, interior
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The author's work.
The brooch is made by dry felting on the wire frame that allows the legs to put in any position.
... Spider in the house is a good omen, a sign of prosperity and happiness. In England believe that if a spider will come down or fall on someone with the roof, he will soon inherit. Small red spider is called in English "denigrade" as we believe in his ability to make money, if it is to carry in your pocket...
But in the same way a brooch can be used in the interior. I put the spider in a little bowl purchased at IKEA... In it the spider look alive. I'm impressed that many of my guests..)))

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Brooch "Spider"


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