This skirt -like from the wardrobe of the Spanish FLAMENCO dancers of varying size chestnut leaves are connected so that one can see the contours of each leaf

Skirt knitted FLAMENCO

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 3-4 weeks (depending on size )
  • Materials:  yarn cotton 100%
  • Size: 44-52
Size guide
The skirt is crocheted in Irish lace technique. Motifs (leaves of chestnut, black and pink ) connected bridami.Pink motifs arranged in a spiral. The skirt is flared downwards. In the winter it is recommended to wear with Nude case . In the summer you can wear without a cover.
How to keep
Hand wash in delicate detergent and lukewarm (room temperature ) water. Drying on a towel in the expanded form. Ironing through a damp cloth
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