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Knitted tablecloth "man-made miracle"

$1 023.88
  • Made to order 
  • Production time: Depends on the size of my employment.
    A tablecloth this size - 6-8 months.
  • Materials:  cotton, 100% cotton, hook, 100% mercerized cotton, the cotton thread
  • Size: Photo diameter - 3 m
    custom - any.
Продаю готовые работы. Беру заказы - в порядке очереди.
Elegant tablecloth for a large and happy family.
This tablecloth will decorate any table and will make Your family reunion even more cozy and pleasant.
The diameter of the tablecloth in the photo about 3 m.

To order - any sizes.

Tablecloth crocheted # 1 of individual motifs, made of thin mercerized cotton.

The tablecloth has a hexagonal shape.
Perfect for round table.
Possible options - oval for an oval table.

To order any changes, color, size.
Depending on the size, materials, design, price may vary.

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How to keep
Gentle wash at temp. to 100 g.
Iron in cotton
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