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pillows sewn from men's shirts

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 1 week
  • Materials:  cotton
  • Size: roughly the size of: a small pad 25-14, average 35-14 cushion, cushion is more than 40-14
Welcome! I accept orders! There are ready-made work, please choose!
No one knows why men's shirts are always sewn from these beautiful fabrics? Then you and the beautiful rim, and a cozy cell, mmmm, just lovely sight!
These small interior pads sewn from old men's shirts and supplemented by primitive hand-embroidered. The fabric was made in which the embroidery was first artificially old, that is, tinted tea. Threads floss I took specifically, without shine, to make pads of vintage. I think it came out very nice!
The set consists of 3 pillows.
How to keep
Gentle wash at 40 degrees Celsius, do not use otebelivateli dried in this expanded form, can be ironed.
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Return and exchange terms
Making the order - to decide here and now !!! Products made to order, and the exchange of non-refundable! The finished product can be returned if you suddenly do not like it. Muscovites make it easier to look - not like it - back. But in other cities, please, making a purchase on the internet, weigh all the "pros" and "cons", while the return postage by the buyer, sorry.