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These beads are sold. Will make the ornament to order. Beads with a length of 58 cm Modern, very extravagant decoration, it will look perfect with a slim black turtleneck. The true author's decoration, and it is clear to everyone. Toggle clasp in the form of a dragonfly can be worn in front, back or side - and each time the decoration will look new. Large, expressive beads rhinestone, deliberately rough tumbling. The chain under the blackened silver is coarse, with large links. Can be used in the manufacture of jewelry custom made of completely different materials - let your creativity run free, and I will embody it. You can use the silver. Author's decoration with natural stones - great gift for the woman. The kit can be made bracelet, earrings, a brooch in the same style. Rhinestone - impossible beautiful transparent beads large natural, with a minimum cut - as if a piece of pristine rocks (although this is not so, but the feeling of naturalness remains the same). See more photos.

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Beads - rhinestone - 58 cm


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