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Scarf "Emine-Bair-Khosar"

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  • Materials:  wool merino, silk fibers, natural silk-chiffon
  • Size: 180х50смбез of accounting for the tails
"Emine-Bair-Khosar" - shocking cave in Crimea. Bizarre stalactites, tall stalagmites... When a stalactite and stalagmite just a few millimeters to accretions - such education is called the kiss. The stone peaks are drawn to each other and will be for centuries, until they finally coalesce to form stalagnates...

The scarf made from the finest silk chiffon and Merino wool

Durable and beautiful tails play the role of tie. Scarf is comfortable to drape, and if desired, can be turned into a cowl or a Cape.
How to keep
Gentle hand wash, wring out without twisting. To iron with steam in a mode silk/wool.
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