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Animal Toys handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Knitted Bear Mashutka.Knitted toy, knitted bear, for children

Knitted bears are the most popular toys for both children and adult.

They may be not only nice gifts for any occasion but also talismans of your love and tenderness.
The main difference between handmade toys and factory toys is that handmade toys are knitted with love.

That is why children like handmade toys more and never leave them.

Bear Mashutka from the series "Snowy Bear".

The sarafan and the chaplet may be different.

How to keep: delicate wash

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Knitted Bear Mashutka

Irina Chadova "Snezhnyj Mishka"

Russia, Krasnodar region, Sochi

30 reviews 100%
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