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Necklace with amethyst, agate, charoite, rhodonite, fluorites etc

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: Will make 1 - 3 days
  • Materials:  charoite, amethyst, rhodonite, fluorite, agate, jade, natural stones, purple stones, green stones
  • Size: A very long chain. Chain length can be adjusted pereslegina the clasp to different links.
Some pagan decoration out... If on the night of Ivan Kupala decide to jump through the fire and search for the fern flower, take these beads, will certainly help. I'll try to list all the stones: amethysts are my favorite (amulet from alcoholism and drug addiction), Agatha green and pink, of Brazilian origin (from the guardian hex), fluorite (stone of mystics and healers), rhodonite (improves health), charoite (protect marriage).
Click "ENLARGE" under the photo, and can be considered as the stones. Pendant metal under the blackened silver, sunshine.
Can make jewelry with natural stones of different color, combinations of colors, can discuss it, if needed.

Sold, but again the same can stones there.

My phone see the PROFILE.
Shipping anywhere in the world.
Discount when ordering several of my jewelry.
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