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Set for spices in the form of half an apple `Butterfly / snail` by Svetlana Zubova

Set for spices in the form of half an apple "Butterfly / snail" by Svetlana Zubova.
A pair of salt cellars with the author's charming glaze porcelain painted in the form of halves of apples are fully ready for use. Convenient holes, bottom hole Spice closed with a plug. Author shape of my husband, my painting.

Fully respecting the professional technology of multiple high-temperature (820 degrees) firing.

Despite the repetitive form salt shakers - each painting is strictly individual and has no analogues.
Absolutely safe for health - special overglaze paint manufactured in Germany are non-toxic, non-allergenic, safe for children and adult health.

Do not acrylic, not washed off or erased.

How to keep: Hand washing is not abrasive products in water of any temperature

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Set for spices in the form of half an apple "Butterfly / snail"

Constantly creating new work. Possible order, including on individual requirements.

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