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Porcelain plate with hand painted "Unicorn"

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  • Materials:  porcelain, overglaze paints, 24 carat gold, handmade
  • Size: 20 cm - 7,87 inch diametr
Constantly creating new work. Possible order, including on individual requirements.
Porcelain plate with hand painted "Unicorn". Collection plate with hand-painted. Plate author handmade. Collection plate with the author's signature.

Made in one piece. Beautiful and funny fairy unicorn. This hand-painted porcelain overglaze.

It will be a wonderful decoration of the interior. It supplied without stand. As it can be supplemented with a hook for hanging on the wall (for free).

This is not a decal, not print, unique specimen.
Single copy.
How to keep
It is recommended to wash hands not abrasive detergents in water of any temperature.
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