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watch glass, fusing my world, My space

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: depending on the queue
  • Materials:  glass, glass for fusing, glass color, stained glass, murano glass, colored glass, dichroic glass, dichroic glass, paint for roasting
  • Size: 30 smile to order
watch for the interior
world space is always a mystery, science fiction
watch shimmer as used dichroic glass(Murano) glass

the clock mechanism is silent, floating
fasteners provided

increase your photos looks better

watch you get dismantled, the mechanism is separately
under the scheme you will be able to collect a watch
that photo looks like the green part could be the cap of the pen
it's easy to drown arrow on the axis
first hour on the largest,
then the minute-on an axis above and of smaller diameter
the second is simply inserted and closes the opening
here detailed INSTRUCTIONS

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