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Ring "Flights in dream and reality" - 925 sterling silver, blue Topaz.

Ornament SOLD.

The one who flew in a dream, I understand,
How long and easy is the flight,
What feelings it brings
And as the Soul of space requests.
Suddenly all barriers disappear,
Delight and joy,
Only those feelings own you,
And you own the whole
And so tend upwards,
To merge with the blue sky
And soar, spread their "wings"...
G. Bredow I.

Silver ring with natural blue Topaz, faceted in the shape of a pear (briolette) are made on technology of "casting of silver in the water."
Author's jewelry, handmade.

The ring is extremely magic.
High, large enough, but at the same time light and airy. Shaped like wings spread fairy butterfly.

The size of the stones blue Topaz 3 pieces 11 x 6 mm. Dimensions top ring height: 22 mm, length 43 mm, width 32 mm
The weight of the ring 27 g.

Each piece is unique, exclusively made and available in our store in a single copy!

How to keep: Very neat wearing the ring for a special occasion, out. Can be washed in soapy water or using toothpaste and brushes.

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Ring "Flights in dream and reality" - 925 sterling silver, blue Topaz.


Czech Republic, Prague

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